Consequences List

*Some people are motivated by getting rewards, while others will only do things if there is a consequence if they don’t do it. Below are some good things you could use if this is you.

If I don’t do the task I assigned myself, I will:

Have to take a cold shower the next day

Miss watching your favorite TV show

Spend the next day cleaning

Write vocabulary words

Do 10 jumping jacks

Not get to go on any Social Media for 1 day

Take away your favorite game for 1 day

Do 10 push ups

Buy a random person a cup of coffee

Drop five dollars on the floor in a grocery store and leave it for someone else to pick up

Not get to eat something you love for 1 week

Not get to drink your favorite beverage

Can’t go have fun with anyone (night out) for 1 week

Go to bed earlier (if you indeed love to stay up late)

Pull your neighbors weeds (of course, get their permission first)

Donate one of your favorite items

No phone for 1 day

Delete your favorite ringtone from cell phone

Read a chapter from a book you don’t like

Eat something you don’t like

Do some form of aerobic exercise for 30 minutes (make sure okay with doctor first)

Babysit for your friend’s kid for free for 1 night

Tutor someone for free

Give away one of your services or products to a random person

No electronics for 1 day or 1 week