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Do you want a Planner that Helps You Accomplish More of Your Goals in an Easy and Fun Way and works for your schedule?


Then the  Life Blueprint Planner is for you!!!

It is composed of 3 months (31 days each) and is left blank so you can start on any month.

It includes:


  • Monthly overview of goals
  • Weekly overview of goals
  • Goal setting planning for 1 year, 6, 3, and 1 month
  • Daily schedule that fits your needs
  • Step by step instructions
  • Top 3 task to keep you focused
  • Daily gratitude spot
  • Mid-month review of goal progress
  • Tracker for water, movement and task
  • Weekly and monthly review
  • Productivity assistance
  • Morning and Night Routine 
  • Advance planning
  • Daily themes to keep you motivated
  • Habit tracker game
  • 24-hour format scheduling
  • Flexible to start month and week when you want to
  • Journal / note spot
  • Free flow to-do list
  • Monthly overview
  • Reminder for habit tracker
  • Daily reminder spot for monthly and weekly goals
  • Reward spot
  • Vision board and Mini-vision boards
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The planner is also designed so that you can add

in your own creative touches.


Pages Include:


Overall Goals: (Areas might include: financial, educational, career, health, spiritual, personal, relationship, fun, and travel.)

Mini Vision Board:

(Here is where you will create a mini vision board for each goal. There is also an overall vision board as well, so all your goals can be on 1 sheet for easy visualization.)


Advanced Planning: Use this space to write in anything that needs to be done on a month that isn’t included in the planner. (Contains 9 months here and there is also an additional layout of 4 months in the back of journal.)

Month: __________________

Appointments: ______________________________________________

There is 6 lines for the morning and night routine in planner

Morning routine:

Activity                                                               How long?



Night routine:

Activity                                                               How long?





Don’t Break the Chain Game Challenge


Monthly Overview of Goals so that You Have a Successful Month as well as an end of the month review


Weekly questions to answer (first day of the week)


Weekly questions to answer (last day of the week)



The planner is set in a 24-hour format schedule and gives you the flexibility to start when you want to start, with the day, month as well as the time.



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