How many times a day do you hear your thoughts putting you down. Maybe you hear…”I’ll never get this right,” or “I’m so dumb.”

Well, it’s time to take control of your thoughts.

This challenge has two parts to it.

  1. The Stop and Switch
  2. Direct and Indirect suggestions.

First, let’s do the Stop and Switch method. This method requires you to become a security guard…well…a security guard of your mind. No longer is he or she going to tolerate being put down or told they aren’t good enough.

  The process: Every time you’re little gremlin (your subconscious mind) says something negative to you. I want you to imagine a huge (and I do mean HUGE) Stop Sign. See the vibrant colors of it as well, then immediately, I would like you to Switch the imagine and words to the reverse of what your gremlin just said to you.

Example: “I’m so dumb.”  SEE A STOP SIGN to stop the thought and now replace it with an image and/or words…”I’m so smart.” And perhaps you see everyone asking you for help with solving some great life problem. Try to use as many senses as possible, if you can. Maybe you hear people chanting how smart you are or there is a long line of people waiting to get an answer from you for some math problem they have.

Now onto #2…Direct and Indirect Suggestions. I would like you to give yourself a combination of these 2 at least once a day. Best time is usually first thing in the morning and right before bed, but anytime will do. Also feel free to do it more than once each.

Examples of direct suggestions:

**   I am smart.

**   I am great.

**   I am loved.

**   I am being amazing.

Direct suggestions are good because they are quick and easy, but the disadvantage to them is sometimes that little gremlin (your subconscious mind) mind be saying, “Yeah, right.”

So, that brings us to indirect suggestions….which take a little more time to say and might be a little harder to craft, but in time they will become second nature and the benefit to these is that they get past the gremlin undetected.

 Examples of indirect suggestions: 

**   Wouldn’t it be great if everyday I felt smart and it’s cool how easier it is becoming with each passing day?

**   Wouldn’t it be awesome for me to become smarter and more successful everyday?

**   And its such a lovely feeling that I seem to be getting smarter with every breath I take.

**   I wonder what it would feel like if my brain could solve any problem and it became faster and faster with it.

**   I wouldn’t be surprised if I could solve any problem now as things are becoming easier for me.


You don’t have to say all of that. Just one of the sentences is fine, but I wanted to give you a lot of examples so you have choices. Also feel free to write one down and stick it on your mirror. You can read it to yourself while you get ready in the morning.

It also helps to share as it is really showing your gremlin who’s the boss. So please take a  moment and right one direct or indirect suggestion below. Plus you might have one that could help someone else.

Also if you would like a little more encouragement, feel free to join STEP BY STEP GOAL SETTING at    We are there to help you accomplish your goals one step at a time.

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7 Easy Steps to Overcome Any FEAR

You’re afraid of something that you have to do and you keep putting it off. Does this sound familiar? Well, after hearing this from so many of my clients, I came up with a quick and easy system that can conquer any fear. So many of my clients have put these steps to the test and had amazing results. Now it’s your turn.

It’s called “The Brueggeman’s Fear Buster Technique”


1. Identify your fear. What are you putting off?

Figure out exactly what you need to do. And it’s okay to break your fear into baby steps.

2. Ask yourself why you fear this? What excuses are you giving yourself?

So many times, we make up all these excuses on why we can’t do something, but instead…believe in your ability.

3. Ask yourself what is the worse thing that can happen if you do this thing?
Obviously, if it’s life or death, you will want to access it properly before doing it. But for most things the worse that can happen is maybe failing or embarrassment.
4. On the above question, if the worse thing did happen, would it be the end of the world? 
So many times, what we fear is really not as bad as what we make it.
5. From question #3, How many times in your life has the worst thing happened to you? 
About 99.9% of the time the thing we are afraid will happen, never happens. This one puts your actual fear in perspective.
6. What is the benefit of doing what you fear?
It’s important to focus instead on what you will gain by doing the thing you fear.
7. What’s one small step you can take today towards that fear? And don’t forget to schedule it in your planner. 
This is so important. You need to take action as soon as possible on the thing you fear.

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