Achieve your goals

Setting Goals the Right

Way to Achieve them Faster


You have something you want, but don’t know how to get it. Well, first things first, you must set it as a goal, but you need to do it the right way if you want to achieve them faster.

But how do I do that, you might ask?

Step 1: Make it a SMART Goal


You need to be very specific when you set a goal. You can’t just say I want to lose weight. You need to state exactly what you want. Example: I want to lose 10 pounds. This part will have all the W’s: who, what, where)

M= Measurable

For this, you need to make sure it’s something that you can measure. So, if my goal was to write a book. I might measure it by how many pages or words my book should be so that I can measure whether I’m getting closer to my goal

A=Attainable or Achievable

I’m all for setting big goals, however, you have to also be realistic.

I’m a 5’3 girl, who has never played a day of basketball in my life, so for me to set a goal of being an NBA basketball player in the next 5 years is not realistic.

Here you need to ask yourself, do I have the necessary resources or skills I need to accomplish this goal? If not, where could I get them?


Ask yourself, how does this particular goal align with my life? Is it aligned with what I want? 


This is super important as, without a deadline, you might keep procrastinating. Have you ever noticed that when you set a deadline, you work harder as the deadline approaches? Setting a deadline will keep you focused. Plus you have an end spot. A goal without a deadline is just a wish.


Step 2: Why Do You Want to Achieve this Goal?

You need to ask yourself why do I want this?

Your why will help you in times when you get discouraged. In fact, I would take this one step further, by making sure that when you write out your goal,  you include your why within the statement.

Or if you love vision boards, add your goal to your vision board and have a picture of your why next to it.

Visuals are so great for the brain and remind you daily of what and why you are going after. In theLife Blueprint Planner, there are several spots at the beginning of the planner for creating your very own vision board.


Step 3:  How You State Your Goal for Maximum Success.

This step is probably one of the most important steps. You need to state it not only in the present tense as if you already have it, but it MUST be positive. The brain seeks pleasure and avoids pain.

If you state your goal like you are taking something away, then this is counterproductive to how your brain works. As a result, it will feel like you are constantly battling yourself.

Using my earlier example of weight, instead of saying,

“I want to lose 10 pounds,”


“I am now at (insert your ideal weight here) by (insert the date that will happen here). The reason I want this is because I want to be around for a long time with my family and be able to enjoy all life has to offer.”




Here is to your success

-Karen Brueggeman 

I would love to hear your success story or goals you are working on. Feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me. I’m here to support you.


Overcoming Your Obstacles.


We all have goals and dreams, but as we go after them we are faced with obstacles. You have 2 choices, you can quit or overcome your obstacles.

If you are reading this, then I know you are serious about your goals and are going to choose option two. So how do you overcome your obstacles?

1. . Identify them. Look at your goals one at a time and write a list of all the obstacles that might come up. Here is a list of what many of my clients have told me over the years:
lack of time, too overwhelming, people, no motivation, lack of knowledge, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of public speaking, afraid to step out of comfort zone, not enough focus, procrastination, negative mindset, and too tired.

2. After you have your list, you will create a game plan for each obstacle.

Below are a list of things that have helped my clients with their obstacles (the game plan):

** Break your goal into small steps

** Seek support or advice from someone who has already accomplished your goal

** Visualize your goal as if you have already accomplished it every time you feel afraid

** Use Mel Robbin’s 5 second rule when you lack motivation

** Go online or to a library to get the necessary education to accomplish the task. (There are so many free resources this one, Khan Academy)

** Find ways to conserve time so that you can accomplish your goal. (Example: maybe you can work on your goal while cooking dinner or getting ready in the morning or perhaps take 20 minutes from social media or TV time)

**Listen to something motivational every day

** If people aren’t supportive, don’t tell them your goals and dreams

 **Stop listening to negative people

**Believe in yourself or if you can’t, then fake it for now

**When you want to procrastinate, take one little step, even if the step only takes one minute

** If you don’t have enough focus, look at your goals and just pick one for now and put all your focus there.

You can overcome your obstacles by doing the above and remember everyone has them, but only you can let them stop you.

You are the architect of your life, so make it the way you want.

Take today to list all your obstacles and ways to overcome them.

There is a spot on the Life Blueprint Planner (Goal Planning Worksheet) for listing and overcoming your obstacles.

Here’s To your success,
Karen Brueggeman

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Achieve your goals



Top 5 Tips for Time Management



I’ve heard it time and time again. I never have enough time for anything, let alone to start my novel.

Time, the most precious commodity in our life is within our reach. Most people live in a world where other people tell them how to use their time all the time, well here are some tips on getting back some of YOUR time for you.

  1. Organize the Mess and De-clutter.

Look at your surroundings, which includes your desk. If it’s a mess than you might find that you spend a lot of wasted time looking for things. Don’t get me wrong, I know some people operate very well with a messy desk, but for the majority of people, things get lost.

The best system I have found that I personally use is to put things that belong together in binders and then stick the binders in a place that you can access daily. If you get in the habit of keeping like things together, when you need something, you won’t spend valuable time searching for it. Also, don’t be afraid to throw out papers and things that you no longer use. One suggestion is if you are afraid to throw out a paper because you might need it later, take a picture of it and put it into a digital file

  1. Plan Out your Day the Night Before.

This is a simple thing, but highly effective. Take at least 5 minutes the night before to think of everything that you MUST get done the next day. Then write out exactly what time you plan on doing each activity. Remember to give yourself a little extra time with each. Nothing is worse than falling behind because you underestimated how much time it would take. Also, write down one thing that if you have extra time in the schedule that you would LIKE to do. This will be your reward if you finish the activities of the day.

  1. Focus on What’s Important First.

We are pulled in so many different directions with everything and everyone, including social media wanting our time. It’s that constant, pay attention to me, but this will cost you the most time. You need to train yourself to look at your list for the day and focus first on the most important task that you have. Don’t do anything else, until the task is complete.

  1. Stop Procrastinating!

Oh procrastination, our crazy little friend. This little guy (and yes, I’m making him a guy…lol) is the biggest time waster. He likes to trick you into doing things that don’t matter so you don’t have to do what you have been putting off. He’s sneaky, and in the end, he wins because you wasted a bunch of time on meaningless activities and now the task is still there waiting there. So…recognize this when it happens and then take baby steps to complete the task you are procrastinating on doing. And don’t forget to reward yourself along the way.

  1. Find a Way to Combine Simple Task.

I know…I know, you are like, WAIT! You said in number 3 to focus and only do 1 thing at a time and now you are telling me to combine task. Yes, they are both true in their own ways. For number 3, you need to focus on the major things, like dealing with money or landing an account. But for this tip, it’s all about the small things. If you need to drive every day, why not combine it with listening to some great podcast. Another example, if you want to exercise but feel like you have no time, combine it with watching television or at least do it during the commercials.

I hope this list has helped you. Please feel free to comment and let me know how it’s going or if you have any great tips to add.

To your success,

Karen Brueggeman

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