Tips to a Happier and Healthier Life

By: Karen Brueggeman


  1. Always look for the positive in any situation.

    Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, which might cause frustrations or sadness, but you can either focus on what went wrong or you can look for the positive of the situation. One of my favorite expressions, especially if you don’t succeed at something is…”There’s no failure, just feedback.”

  2. Be grateful.

    Every day you should start your morning and end your night by listing 5 things that you are grateful for. If you are always looking for what to be grateful for, it switches your mind to see all the abundance around you.

  3. Water.

    Start your morning off on a great note, by drinking a glass of water right after you wake up. I personally like to have a chilled container right next to my bed. If you can drink warm water, it’s better for you. However, do what works for you to get it into your body.

  4. Move, move, move.

    I can’t stress this enough. Remember a body in motion, tends to stay in motion. And science now shows how being sedentary has a lot of the same effects on your body as someone who is obese. You need to move. Even if you just move a little bit every hour, it’s better than nothing. I have some clients that have said to me, that they can’t do a 60-minute aerobic type activity. That’s okay, just start where you are. Even if you can only walk to the mailbox, do that, and then slowly add more time in. Some movement is better than no movement. You can also do a movement with your legs while you are sitting, so take that time to get your circulation flowing.

  5. Time for you.

    Make sure every day that you take some time for you to de-stress. I would suggest either meditating, visualization or maybe giving yourself a foot massage. I personally, like to take the first few minutes in the morning and the last minutes before I go to bed. I rotate between quiet mediation and guided and then every third day, I visualize my perfect day.

  6. Have a vision or goal.

    So many people tell me they feel empty or sad. When I ask them what their goals are, I find they don’t really have any. In life we need purpose. It’s not good enough just to go to work, you need something more. So today, take a few minutes and think about what you would like. What does your perfect life look like? Then use step 5, and spend some time visualizing it.

  7. Do something you love.

    Find a hobby or something that makes you smile. It can be anything. What do you like to do? It can even be something you did as a child, like coloring. I used to tell my clients to go and get a coloring book (this was before adult coloring books were available) and just color like you did when you were younger. And you don’t need to get any of the fancy adult coloring books, you can go to the dollar store and pick up any kind or just grab a piece of paper and let your imagination go wild. Or if coloring isn’t your thing, maybe you like photography, drawing, playing tennis or golf, dancing, gardening, swimming, or something else. Just find one thing today and make plans towards doing it this week.

  8. Be Social.

    This one might be hard, especially if you are an introvert. But studies show that when people are social by having friends, they tend to not only be happy but live longer. If you don’t have any friends, you can always go to a meet up for a hobby you are interested in or join a support group. Just always make sure you put your safety first and don’t meet anywhere that can jeopardize that. Online meets are okay, but face to face contact is better. Another thing you could do is volunteer somewhere, nursing homes or hospitals are always looking for help.

  9. Schedule it.


    I’m sure you have heard before, but what gets scheduled gets done. I am a firm believer in scheduling the things you care about. I schedule my mediation, exercise, me time, and goal time every day. This way I make sure they don’t get overlooked. I also do a rough schedule on my day the night before: this helps guarantee that I will have a successful and productive day. Take control of your day or your day will control you. I use the Life Blueprint Planner, but you can use whatever works for you.


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